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Drive Away Procrastination & Excel

Posted by Adrienne Johnston on

You may be the sort of person who says, sincerely, “I never procrastinate!” Yet, somehow, the day ends, you’re behind on deadlines, you didn’t do the big task that needed doing and you forgot to mail that card to your grandma in Maine.

If this sounds like you, track your time. Simple apps like Instant Boss will do the work of tracking for you—and you can:

  • See which tasks are real time wasters—and decide what to do about them
  • See which tasks could have been done instantly—and didn’t get done
  • See where you procrastinated

And sometimes the simplest strategies are the best strategies of all. Gretchen Ruben, best-selling author of The Happiness Project, shares this tip:

“On the top of a piece of paper, write, “By the end of today, I will have __________.” This also gives you the thrill of crossing a task off your list.”

The urge to procrastinate can never totally be eliminated—it does serve a purpose. It’s usually a sign something isn’t right with us. But know what that purpose or reason is, when you procrastinate: And know that it’s your right to develop effective strategies to totally bust it, every time.

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