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Know Thyself to Grow Thyself

Posted by Adrienne Johnston on

The old adage is true. If you know yourself, you can grow yourself. Consider keeping an informal log for two weeks and note your work style. Find out whether or not you’re the sort of person who procrastinates less if they start out with the easiest task first—or the hardest?

Once you’ve noted which preference is strongest, be sure to build starting with the task that best breaks your procrastination cycle first, from now on.

You should also take a really close look at your personality. Do you constantly “make” things harder than they have to be? Do you expect the worst? Do you tell yourself “I can’t do this” forty times before you actually get started—then have trouble because you’re rushing—you started late?

If so, do some cognitive restructuring and start giving yourself positive messages about the task. Realize that a task doesn’t always have to be the ultimate in perfection—it just has to get done.

Try telling yourself: “It’s no big deal. The first step is…”—and focus only on that first step to get started.

Keep up positive reframing self-messages all through the project. We all experience these types of challenges. It's those that can recognize and leverage them that achieve the most!

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