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Sometimes, You Should Sweat the Small Stuff

Posted by Adrienne Johnston on

We’ve all seen our kids (or we’ve BEEN the kids) who never, ever clean their rooms or put anything away. What happens? It all piles up—and pretty soon what was once a simple task is overwhelming and feels insurmountable.

As adults, we learn to put away things as we go—we take our plate to the dishwasher, put our clean socks straight into the sock drawer or take the meal bar wrapper straight to the kitchen trash can. 

Keep this tip for the small stuff. While you’re in the hardware store, just buy that new $2.99 bathtub plug the moment you discover the old one has broken, instead of letting water leak endlessly from the old one and run up your water bills. If someone writes you a short email with an urgent question you can instantly answer, just do it now.

The trick to using this approach successfully is to pick tasks that you will procrastinate over if you try to follow conventional advice and “schedule later.”

Choose tasks you can do quickly and simply, in just a few minutes. This will get you started off on the right foot—and create the habit of reducing clutter.

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