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Tame Your Inner Child

Posted by Adrienne Johnston on

People always talk about “bringing out your Inner Child” like it’s a good thing—and it can be… But there’s one place where your inner child is more like a rampaging toddler who has eaten and drunk nothing but sugar for twelve hours, and is tearing apart his room.

With many people, this Inner Child is the real procrastinator. It’s the part of you that finds it doesn’t care about the end goal or even just that day’s goal. It wants to play hooky—or simply just play.

It wants to finger paint, get every toy out of the box, hog the video game controller and have pillow fights. Well, okay: Maybe it just wants to play Candy Crush. Or watch chefs battling each other. Or browse YouTube.

It’s all about instant gratification.

How do you get that child tucked up into bed?

Make a list, and divide it into three columns. In one list, write what you should be doing. Column # 2, write what you actually did. In the final column, list all the negative effects any Inner Child behavior had (a) on yourself (b) on others.

Do that for a week. When you actually see the real down sides, sometimes it becomes easier to set boundaries with your inner child—and get that work done.

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