Join us as we show you how to WOW interviewers from resume submission to interview follow-up!

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We know how overwhelming a job search can be. Sometimes, it's just easier to stay in a terrible job. With a bad boss. Being underpaid and undervalued.  

On the webinar, we're going to explain the science behind getting stuck in your career, and the EXACT steps you need to take to break out of your rut.  

So that you can find a fulfilling career. One where you come home energized. Ready spend time with your friends and family. Maybe cook dinner. And go to the gym. SERIOUSLY! You don't want to miss it.

Here’s What You’ll Learn during the Workshop

  • Why it's easier to stay in an unhappy job situation than to look for a new one.  
  • Where to find the energy and enthusiasm to take on a job search.  
  • Where you need to focus your time in your job search and interview process to be the most effective.  
  • Three (professional) ways to stand out from all the other candidates and get your resume at the top of the stack.  
  • The secret about your interviewer that no one's ever told you -- and that is going to skyrocket your confidence in the interview!  
  • How to follow-up after the interview in a way that demonstrates your unique value and secures you a desirable offer.